Tick, Tick, Boom! Your Agency’s Ticking Timebomb

Tick, Tick, Boom! Your Agency’s Ticking Timebomb.

Millions and millions of certificates are issued each year. Each one has the potential to cause financial harm to the policyholder, the certificate holder and/or the broker. So why has nothing been done to defuse this timebomb? Simple put, it’s not easy.

Insurance is complicated. Contracts are complex. For a certificate of insurance to be accurate, it requires a processor that fully understands both. Accurate certificate processing is time-consuming and the people that have these skills are hard to come by. Given that insurance verification is an essential, but liability fraught service, what’s the solution for a growing commercial insurance agency. Training? That’s a good start. Outsourcing? Perhaps, as it can assist with the laborious part, but may not meet the skills needed. Technological solution? Now that would be ideal.

Imagine a software tool that could, in seconds not minutes, scan a contract, find the insurance clause, parse the clause for the coverages, limits, necessary endorsements and then compare the contractual requirements to the policy information in the Agency Management System (AMS) and then automatically populate the Certificate where there was compliance and flag the non-compliant areas. What if the system had built-in guardrails that prevented errors such as exceeding the policy limit on the certificate or attaching endorsements for coverages not listed on the certificate? Would agency-set language and endorsement libraries with commonly used forms and standardized phrases for the Description of Operations, be helpful? What if this computerization resulted in more accurate COIs processed in a fraction of the time (minutes faster per COI) than your current certificate software?

If you’re like most in the industry, your response is: this would be great but in what year will it be available? Well, the wait is over. The question now, is when will your agency implement the award-winning Certificate Hero platform? It’ll change your certificate processing from a time-consuming, liability source to an agency profit center. Contact us for a demo and defuse your agency’s ticking timebomb.

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