Podcast: Utilizing Generative AI to Significantly Boost Efficiency and Accuracy of Your Certificate Processing

Our very own Co-founder of Certificate Hero, John Paul Sutrich, recently sat down to speak with Insurtech Leadership Podcast hosted by Joshua R. Hollander.

In this podcast, learn how:

✅ Certificate Hero uses AI to read the insurance contract, finds and parses an insurance clause into its most meaningful components to issue a correct certificate, then compares this to the data in the agency management system, and flags areas of non-compliance for processor action.

✅ John Paul delves into the historical roots of certificate issuance, tracing it back to the era of typewritten forms. He emphasizes how this traditional process has struggled to keep pace with the complexities of today’s contractual insurance requirements.

✅ He also describes how Certificate Hero doubles as a lead generation tool by pinpointing inconsistencies and highlighting opportunities for brokers to engage with their clients and upgrade coverages.

Watch the full podcast: 


John Paul Sutrich is a Co-founder of Certificate Hero, a cutting-edge SaaS platform revolutionizing the certificate of insurance issuance process. In the dynamic landscape of commercial insurance, Certificate Hero plays a pivotal role by seamlessly comparing contractual insurance requirements with the insured's policy data.

This pioneering platform automates the entire certificate issuance process, resulting in a significant boost to efficiency and the capabilities of certificate processors. Certificate Hero's distinctive functionality includes the meticulous reading and parsing of insurance clauses from contracts into their most meaningful components. The platform then conducts a thorough comparison of this information with the data stored in the agency management system. It goes a step further by automatically populating compliant certificates and promptly flagging any areas of non-compliance, triggering immediate processor action. This process not only ensures increased accuracy in certificate issuance and agency profitability but also contributes to streamlining the overall workflow.

Notably, Certificate Hero goes beyond being merely certificate issuance software; it also doubles as a lead generation tool. By pinpointing inconsistencies and highlighting opportunities for brokers to engage with their clients and upgrade coverages, the platform empowers brokers to provide more value-added services. In an industry where accuracy is paramount, Certificate Hero ensures that all parties involved have access to precise and up-to-date information, bridging the gap between legacy processes and the evolving demands of being placed upon commercial insureds.

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