Award Winning Certificate Issuance Platform Saves Time and Money

2022 Angela Adams Consulting Time Study

Certificate Hero, Inc. commissioned Angela Adams Consulting Services, Inc. to conduct a time study comparing issuing certificates through an agency management system versus issuing through the Certificate Hero platform. To conduct the study, 55 different certificate issuance scenarios were tested. Experience Account Managers from Angela Adams (using an agency management system) and Certificate Hero (using the Certificate Hero platform) had to process each of the 55 scenarios while being monitored and timed. Timing began at the point when the request was reviewed. To maintain the integrity of the study, an Angela Adams Consulting Services consultant served as a witness as certificates were issued utilizing both platforms. Controls were set in place to ensure the same list of certificate requirements and scenarios were used.

At the conclusion of the time study, all results were tabulated and verified. Side by side comparisons were done and the results were overwhelmingly in favor of the Certificate Hero platform. In 53 of 55 time comparisons, Certificate Hero was significantly faster at issuing the certificates. The two scenarios where Certificate Hero was not faster, resulted from some additional setup steps that over time make the processor much faster. The average additional setup time for those two scenarios was 62 seconds.

Areas where Certificate Hero was particularly strong included day-to-day issuance, certificates that required review of contracts and annual renewals. The average time saved by using the Certificate Hero platform for one-off certificates was 3:47 per certificate with some scenarios saving over seven minutes. The average time saved for processing renewals was 5:17 per renewal with one scenario saving almost ten minutes. In addition to the time saving benefits, the study uncovered additional ancillary benefits the Certificate Hero platform offers brokers in the area of risk mitigation. Data entry safeguards, automated contract review, identifying contract/policy deficiencies, and endorsement tagging were all attributes that are not typically found in an agency management system but are standard features with Certificate Hero. 

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