Certificates of Insurance: An Industry Problem for Commercial Insureds & Insurance Brokerages

For top commercial insurance brokers, the process of issuing and managing Certificates of Insurance is a significant cost center as well as an administrative black hole. Creating and enforcing controls for certificates is time-consuming, complicated, and results in headaches for brokers and their insureds, ultimately slowing both businesses down.

Certificate Hero®: The All-In-One Certificate Solution for Brokers and Insureds

Certificate Hero® is an advanced SaaS platform built specifically for leading insurance brokers and their clients. Delivering on truly intelligent automation, our cutting edge technology ensures certificate processing is efficient and approachable for all users. Simply put, Certificate Hero® is a single solution that empowers brokers with improved accuracy and efficiency and insureds with 24/7 certificate management.

Industry Problem

Too Many Tools

Working among multiple platforms results in inefficient certificate processing.

Liability Hazard

The inconsistency inherent with human review of contracts and specimen certificates results in inaccuracies and professional liability claims.

Disparate Request Tracking

Multiple certificate request channels (phone calls, emails and faxes) makes tracking and auditing certificates near impossible.

Lack of Standardization

Without best practices for language and layout, certificates are inconsistent and unreliable for insureds and their certificate holders.

Cost Center

Poor execution of certificates results in higher customer turnover and missed opportunities.

Certificate Hero Solution


All-In-One Efficiency

Certificate Hero® aggregates all certificate tasks, documents, and data on a single platform in order to collect, issue, and manage certificates faster.

AI-Driven Error Reduction

Certificate Hero® reviews and annotates contracts and compares insurance requirements with policy data to increase accuracy and limit the back-and-forth corrections.

Broker & Insured Portals

Certificate Hero's® Broker and Insured Portals make receiving, tracking, and reviewing certificate requests easy. All activity is captured for compliance and analytics.

Seamless Best Practices

Certificate Hero® automatically includes industry/agency-specific language and formatting in order to create reliable, consistent certificates.

Organic Growth

Certificate Hero® identifies coverage to contract deficiencies which provides brokers a powerful tool to increase their client retention and support organic growth.

Let us help you address your certificate needs

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